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How we learn to write less badly. So much of the instruction and its fealty to fossilized rules are foolish and counterproductive After Rawls.

He is the central figure in political philosophy, despite a sea change in our political reality. Consider the bathtub. Susan Sontag , envied by many, was without illusions about herself. She reviled her unattractive qualities. Not that she changed her ways The splendor and misery of Ivan Turgenev's love life.

What comes after liberalism? A network of Catholic conservative thinkers sees in our grim present the opportunity for a better world An inescapable fact of 20th-century classical music is its overwhelming whiteness.

The Soul of America

But the buried history of black composers is coming to light What lifted Anne Frank's diary above so many other accounts of the Holocaust? Her remarkably intimate descriptions of coming of age in a kind of cage Is this Theranos for plants? Eras of elite higher education: Christian college. Now a new era: Comfort college One night in , after copious amounts of sherry, the quantum physicist Hugh Everett came up with the Many-Worlds theory. It quickly ruined his career During his attenuated lifetime, George Gershwin was the most modern guy around; 82 years later — guess what — he still is Orwell on the run.

Spies and collaborators were everywhere. What allowed him to escape Spain in was police incompetence But he's really a master of obfuscation , imposing complexity on everyday life Cutting edge linguistics research once meant an astute-eared German grocer surveying the nation by bicycle. Today, data miners do the legwork How two erudite, polished, well-connected New York hustlers conspired to publish the most notorious book in the world and change the definition of obscenity forever An irony, then, that her biographer falls into it Want to succeed at the mother of all tech incubators , Stanford University?

And brown-nose relentlessly George Orwell was a democratic socialist all his life. So why are and Animal Farm commonly read as indictments of socialism? Poetry has grown boring , narcissistic, and precious — in short, easy to hate.

IN THE East Gallery

It must recover its immediate, electric power Classical music is a high-water mark for culture. Being a classical musician , however, is a job — a crappy job True idleness is a more radical and complex endeavor Insults fly, the rowdy crowd beckons. But public incivility is truly righteous only under certain philosophical conditions Lucian Freud , pickup artist. So relentless was his pursuit of women — and their pursuit of him — that it's a marvel he found time to paint Brown-corduroy suits, literary orthodoxy, and lots of D.

What killed Alexander the Great? Historical theories abound, but perhaps it was the bowls of wine, the drinking contests, and the 20 toasts Oliver Sacks was the most story-driven clinical writer of the age. He also had a curious relationship with facts. What attracted scientists to Jeffrey Epstein — his money — is obvious. But was there more to it than that? A few clues can be found on a strange website Empathy is a vague beat on which to build a writing career, but that's what Leslie Jamison did.

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Has she now lost faith in the ideals on which she staked her brand? Three professors crunched the numbers to find out For the Greeks, it was the poets who gave meaning to the god Eros. And none was more gifted than Sappho Christianity's role in shaping the Western mind is a story of seemingly inconsequential events signaling grander things to come Reading as therapy. Told to rest, a critic discovers that a personal, patient approach to literature can yield unexpected insight Related Movements. The Shock of the New - Pop Art. Roy Lichtenstein at the Tate Modern James Rosenquist.

Claes Oldenburg. Gerhard Richter. British Pop Art Movement Page.

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  • Photorealism Movement Page. Capitalist Realism Movement Page. American Art Definition Page. Andy Warhol was an American Pop artist best known for his prints and paintings of consumer goods, celebrities, and photographed disasters. Roy Lichtenstein was an American painter and a pioneer of the Pop art movement. His signature reproductions of comic book imagery eventually redefined how the art world viewed high vs.

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    Lichtenstein employed a unique form of painting called the Benday dot technique, in which small, closely-knit dots of paint were applied to form a much larger image. James Rosenquist is an American Pop artist whose paintings feature fragments of faces, cars, consumer goods, and other items in bizarre juxtapositions. With their realist rendering and attention to surface textures, his works take up the visual language of advertising and entertainment.

    The Swedish-American artist and architect Claes Oldenburg, an early figure in New York happenings and Pop art, is best known for his floppy sculptures and larger-than-life public works of consumer goods, musical instruments, and everyday objects. Eduardo Paolozzi was a Scottish sculptor, printmaker and multi-media artist, and a pioneer in the early development of Pop art. He was also a founder of the Independent Group in Corita Kent, a Catholic nun that became a famous Pop Artist created bold and colorful silkscreen prints that championed social justice causes.

    Richard Hamilton is an English painter and collage artist, and is best known as a founding member of the British Independent Group, which launched the mid-century Pop art movement. Wesselmann was known for his paintings of nudes and his exploration of the female form. He reinterpreted the classic subject of the female nude by breaking the body down into its most suggestive elements: lips, nips, and pubes, then juxtaposing it with general, consumerist, popular culture. Much of his work is in appropriating the pictorial short-hand of advertising found in much Pop Art and exploring the meaning behind various modernist and postmodernist movements.

    David Hockney is an English painter, photographer, collagist and designer. Hockney's influence was particularly felt during the Pop art movement on the s, yet his work has also suggested mixed media and expressionistic tendencies. Although based in London for most of his career, Hockney's most famous paintings occurred during an extended trip to Los Angeles, in which he painted a series of scenes inspired by swimming pools.

    Alex Katz is an American figurative artist associated with the Pop art movement. His works seem simple, but according to Katz they are more reductive, which is fitting to his personality.

    The Battle for Our Better Angels

    Katz has received numerous accolades throughout his career, and has been the subject of a documentary and numerous publications. American sculptor and painter George Segal is best known for his life-size plaster cast figures, often in monochromatic white. He also worked with artists such as John Cage and Allan Kaprow at Rutgers University in the s and 60s; Kaprow's famous "happenings" performances first took place on Segal's farm in New Jersey.

    Ed Ruscha is recognized as one of the leading figures of Pop art and Conceptualism on the West Coast. From his iconic images of gasoline stations to his 'word paintings,' his work is deeply influenced by the graphic arts and deals largely with themes of commercial culture, language, and the mundane. Robert Rauschenberg, a key figure in early Pop art, admired the textural quality of Abstract Expressionism but scorned its emotional pathos. Some were crude efforts designed to sway public opinion to a cause, others were well-reasoned political arguments, and some were collections of inspirational verse.

    In English-born political writer Thomas Paine — published a pamphlet titled Common Sense. This immensely popular work called for equality, freedom, and complete separation from Britain. According to Paine, the move toward independence was pure "common sense. Common Sense had the right ideas at the right time and became the first American bestseller….

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    Paine lit a fire that leaped across America. Well before the release of Paine's Common Sense, other writers put forward arguments that paved the way toward independence. John Dickinson — , author of the. The character he portrayed—the gentleman farmer—was convincing because it represented many American ideals: industry hard work , honesty, frugality conserving; not being wasteful , education, and common sense.