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This is an introductory course in engineering ethics.

The course aims at providing the students with tools and concepts that are necessary for discussing ethical aspects of engineering practice and research. After completing the course the students should be able to:. SEM1 - Seminar, 0. The examiner may apply another examination format when re-examining individual students.

Engineering Ethics - Introduction

Seminar attendance, 0. This book examines emerging defense technologies such as directed energy weapons, nanotech devices, and bioscience applications that have the potential to dominate international relations in the future, just as nuclear weapons and space infrastructure-assisted conventional weapons do now.

Lessons amid the Rubble by Sarah K. Pfatteicher Call Number: TA P Pfatteicher examines the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings and draws on historical and current practice in engineering design, construction, and curricula to discuss how engineers should conceive, organize, and execute a search for the reasons behind the failure of man-made structures.


Ethics in engineering practice and research [Book Review] - IET Journals & Magazine

Pfatteicher also explores six related events to reveal simple lessons about the engineering enterprise, each of which embodies an ethical dilemma at the heart of the profession. She ties these themes together to highlight issues of professionalism and professional identity infused in engineering education and encourages an explicit, direct conversation about their meaning.

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W36 Computers are already approving financial transactions, controlling electrical supplies, and driving trains. Soon, service robots will be taking care of the elderly in their homes, and military robots will have their own targeting and firing protocols.

Colin Allen and Wendell Wallach argue that as robots take on more and more responsibility, they must be programmed with moral decision-making abilities, for our own safety.

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Moral Machines is the first book to examine the challenge of building artificial moral agents, probing deeply into the nature of human decision making and ethics. U73 This new book is based on two popular ASME online self-study courses. Practical case studies and real-world examples are included. It is intended for early career engineers and other practicing professionals to address non-technical topics that are often "not taught in school.

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  5. B58 This book investigates the close connections between engineering and war, broadly understood, and the conceptual and structural barriers that face those who would seek to loosen those connections. It shows how military institutions and interests have long influenced engineering education, research, and practice and how they continue to shape the field in the present.

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    This article investigates current trends in the teaching of engineering ethics in the context of diverse approaches to evaluating the responsibility of an engineer. The article reveals the complexity of the issue, which confirms the need for future engineers to be competent in dealing with ethical dilemmas.

    Ethics in Engineering Practice by Prof Susmita Mukhopadhyay

    The engineer must be aware of the fact that his or her invention will initiate a chain of events that will involve the use of this invention and will have various social, environmental and legal ramifications, which should be taken into account.