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First stop is the thriving Nyaung U market — soak it up in one of the small local tea houses is also high on the agenda. Check into your hotel and visit some temples and stupas before lunch. Pagodas and Temples represent the diversity of ancient Myanmar architectural styles in the 11th to13th centuries.

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Next stop is Htilominlo, the last Myanmar style temple built in Bagan, with old murals and friezes. Continue to Dhammayangyi, a massive-looking temple dating from that is famous for its interlocking mortar less brickwork. Stay overnight in Bagan. D, the biggest pentagonal base stupa in Bagan. Continue to Lemyethna Temple, topped by an Indian-style spire similar to Ananda. Then, visit the three shrines of Payathonzu if open with its small perforated windows allowing the light to come in. They are connected by passages adorned with Mahayanist or Tantric mural paintings.

This village is a perfect example of how locals live, and good photo opportunity. The tour then extended to Lawkanandar monastery better arrive around 10h30 where all the monks about are lined up to take their lunch. Finish the tour at Shwe Sandaw Stupa and enjoy the atmosphere as the sun dips behind the horizon.

Optional Balloon flight: This is an optional if you would like to get a unique opportunity to see the ancient city of Bagan from a different perspective. Balloon agent will pick you up at hotel between 05h30 and 06h After breakfast, drive the Nyaung U airport for the flight to Mandalay.

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Take a walk on the bridge and enjoy a photo opt! Then drive to Mandalay, upon arrival check-in at the hotel. Finally, go up Mandalay Hill to enjoy the panoramic view of the city while sun going down. Stay overnight in Mandalay.

Tour the Mingun and see huge unfinished Pagoda and world largest un-cracked ringing bell. Dotted with white-painted pagodas and monasteries, Sagaing Hill is widely regarded as the religious center of Myanmar and is home to 3, monks and meditation centers. Finish the day with a stroll at sunset over the year-old U Bein wooden Bridge in Amarapura again. Return to Mandalay to complete the day. Make a photo stop at the ancient wooden Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery on the way, and transfer to hotel in town or by boat direct to your hotel located along the shores of the lake.

Your room is generally ready for immediate check-in. The balance of the day is at leisure. Stay overnight in Inle Lake. Today board a private boat and head out again onto the lake. We pass villages built on stilts over the lake, inhabited by Intha people, the leg-rowing fishermen of the lake and see their floating gardens built up from strips of water hyacinths and mud and anchored to the bottom with bamboo poles.

The balance of the day is free. After breakfast, we head to the morning market on the lake. From the middle of the lake, continue down a small canal leading to the Paoh village of Inndein. After a walk around the village, passing a local school, take the covered stairway to the beautiful ancient stupas which are partly covered by vegetation. From here is a magnificent view over the lake.

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Return to the lake and finish the visits of the lake in the afternoon. Next follows 85 pages explaining thoroughly the importance of rice and its production, the intricacies of the Thai kitchen and basic cooking methods, and a complete glossary of all ingredients. The recipes cover every aspect of Thai cooking, both ancient and modern, from the most-basic popular dishes found on the typical Thai menu to the most complex of the royal dishes, while covering every single region of the country.

A good example of the esoteric extreme is the recipe for Prawn and White Turmeric Salad. White turmeric is found only in the far north of Thailand and has a superb taste reminiscent of subtle young ginger with a suggestion of sweet turmeric.

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I never expected to find a recipe for this incredible dish in any cookbook, much less one written in English, yet here it is, complete with suggestions for substitution. You'll find every recipe clearly written and easily followed, with extensive headnotes and comments.

The book is lavishly illustrated with superb photos and clearly indexed. Never before has such a complete collection of Thai recipes and background information been assembled in such a concise manner. Thompson's passion for Thai food shines through brightly, making for a superlative cookbook on the cuisines of Siam. If there is room for only one Thai cookbook in your collection, this is the one! Everywhere I go, I seek local specialties in out-of-the-way, hole-in-the-wall eateries, markets, and neighborhoods, occasionally splurging on exquisite dinners in fine dining establishments.

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Food discoveries almost always involve interesting experiences with people and culture, and this is important when traveling. Food, being a common thread among all human beings, can deepen our understanding of cultures vastly different from ours, and make our travels even richer, building bridges between people and creating memories that will last a lifetime. The stories are diverse and run the gamut of emotions, touching subjects like love, war, food taboo, language barriers, and social injustice.

O'Rourke , which recounts his experience as a reporter in Somalia in late Others are lighthearted and funny, such as "Spanish Guts," where Brett Allen King witnesses his friends' participation in a feeding frenzy of "variety meat" while they discuss sex at a Madrid tapas bar. Some of the stories might trigger personal memories of travels past.

Myanmar Cuisine: What To Expect

This is a good, satisfying book for easy summer reading that will entertain and inform. It may be just the thing to appease the "travel bug," at least for a short while, before it bites back with a vengeance.

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A memoir differs from an autobiography in that the writer has complete license regarding what not to include. As is often the case with the best chroniclers of life observed, Villas writes humorously and lovingly, if sometimes mercilessly, about the amorous, alcoholic, gluttonous, and neurotic foibles of his fellows, while dwelling very little upon himself. Nonetheless, his personality, interests, and quirks clearly shine through his thoughtful observations and accomplished prose. Villas began his professional life as a professor of French language and literature; this literary grounding serves his writing very well.

BIG FOUR OF MYANMAR/BURMA (The Flavors of Authentic Myanmar) – 11 days/10 nights

A handful of themes emerge, from which Villas does not shy away. While he has no quarrel with eccentric or bawdy behavior and indeed revels in dishing those tales, he is certainly intolerant of ill-breeding or bad manners; woe betide anyone who exhibits such in his presence.

And finally, Villas is vehemently and eloquently a purist and has no use for food celebrity or culinary invention for its own sake. He despairs of what American gastronomy has become by the end of the 20th century. Bourdain again shines brilliantly in his prose, injecting the reader directly into the tribal world of the sleazy side of late-night Manhattan.

Bourdain's descriptive and hilarious narrative will have you feasting on the sleazy slices of life that lead Bobby Gold toward his unforeseen end. Gold's true nature is revealed early on when we witness his tuneup of a fishmonger who's late on his gambling-loan payments. The scene Bourdain sets assures us he knows the inside of a seafood market, describing the fish scales and guts to perfection.

Gold could have just beaten the old man and left, but he first offers him Demerol to kill the pain and lets him pick the arm to be broken. The fast action centers on the club and its kitchen and the after-hour haunts of its employees and overflows with scenes that illustrate the abusive but good-natured banter between the knuckleheads working there.

I see any fucking Billy Joel in there and this ain't gonna happen.

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The pace accelerates throughout to a crashing crescendo, giving us a highly enjoyable read that you can't set down until you reach the surprising end. For foodies and mystery fans, a must read! You have more fingers on one hand than there are cookbooks in English that cover the cuisine of Burma. Burma has always seemed mysterious and exotic as a country, and there are few Burmese restaurants in America where one might sample the food.

With the release of this title, Chan has erased the mystery and brought the wonderful foods of Burma into the spotlight. Burmese cuisine is a richly spiced amalgam of tastes, heavily influenced by its neighbors Thailand, China, Bangladesh-India , yet the flavors are unique and original.