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The proprietary speaker system enables handlers to relay commands at low levels to the dog. That translates to standard operating ranges up to four football fields. The armor itself protects against shots from 9mm and.

Slater is a veteran police dog trainer and built the first vest after a prison riot. He realized he wore full riot gear, while his K9 partner, Olaf, was basically naked.

So he started making vests. The weave technology catches bullets or ice picks like a mitt wrapping around a baseball; knives and sharpened screw drivers wielded by prisoners require tighter weaves. Keeping the armor strong, but light, is a priority.

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K9 took the average gram V-ring and developed a 5-gram version made of a Kevlar, poly-propylene, and nylon fiber blend. Although new tech is the buzz, what put K9 Storm on the map is dedication to customization.

Jules Kroll and the world of corporate intelligence.

Each vest they make is custom sized for the dog. That hinders mobility, or worse, can cause injury. Clients can measure dogs themselves, or Slater will fly out for dog fittings. On the other end are St. Bernards, which push pounds. Buyers include SWAT teams, police and corrections agencies, security firms, search and rescue units, and border patrols. Slater and 12 employees spent years developing a proprietary computer-assisted design program to translate measurements into accurate patterns, which are hand sewn.

The next phase of development includes plans for remote-delivery systems and enhanced accessory functionality. Santa Ynez. Show Details Cameron A Matthews.

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Show Details Claudia C Matthews. Show Details Scott Matthews.

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