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Functionalization Information. Custom Formulation Diameters 5, 10 nm, 25 nm, 40 nm, 50 nm, and 70 nm with resonances from nm to nm are standard. Quantity This product is available in 1mL and larger.

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Delivery Standard sizes are in stock. Toxicity CTAB is known to be cytotoxic.

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Sterilization This product is sterilized. Certifications Every order comes with a Certification of Analysis that includes the following information. UV VIS. FAQz, Testimonials, Publications. How do you size your nanorods? Do you really provide a TEM for my specific lot? Yes, and not just for particles, rather are standard. What is OD? What is PDI? As opposed to citrate, our Nanopartz Carboxylic Acid capping agent is not a growth medium. Briefly, excessive surfactant was first removed from 1. Cover image Cover image. Technology Comparison. Features and Benefits.

Diameters from 10nm to 50nm. Wavelength accuracy better than 10 nm in many cases. Negatively charged coatings also available. Extremely stable. Shelf life is greater than one year. High anisotropy. High non-linear coefficients. Extremely efficient for frequency conversion. Near IR absorptions four orders of magnitude larger than quantum dots in the visible. Photothermal cross sections that leads to highly efficient optical to heat conversion. Part Numbers, How to Order.

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This option provides a complete post testing of sterilization along with a Certificate of Sterilization. An Endotoxin Certificate is provided. Diam nm. Length nm. Aspect Ratio. Peak SPR Wave nm. Molarity nM.

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In nanotechnology , nanorods are one morphology of nanoscale objects. Each of their dimensions range from 1— nm. They may be synthesized from metals or semiconducting materials. Standard aspect ratios length divided by width are Nanorods are produced by direct chemical synthesis. A combination of ligands act as shape control agents and bond to different facets of the nanorod with different strengths.

This allows different faces of the nanorod to grow at different rates, producing an elongated object. One potential application of nanorods is in display technologies, because the reflectivity of the rods can be changed by changing their orientation with an applied electric field. Another application is for microelectromechanical systems MEMS.

Nanorods, along with other noble metal nanoparticles, also function as theragnostic agents. Nanorods absorb in the near IR, and generate heat when excited with IR light.

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  4. This property has led to the use of nanorods as cancer therapeutics. Nanorods can be conjugated with tumor targeting motifs and ingested. When a patient is exposed to IR light which passes through body tissue , nanorods selectively taken up by tumor cells are locally heated, destroying only the cancerous tissue while leaving healthy cells intact. Nanorods based on semiconducting materials have also been investigated for application as energy harvesting and light emitting devices.

    In , Ramanathan et al. Zinc oxide ZnO nanorod, also known as nanowire , has a direct bandgap energy of 3. The optical bandgap of ZnO nanorod can be tuned by changing the morphology , composition, size etc. Recent years, ZnO nanorods have been intensely used to fabricate nano-scale electronic devices, including field effect transistor , ultraviolet photodetector , Schottky diode , and ultra-bright light-emitting diode LED.

    Various methods have been developed to fabricate the single crystalline, wurtzite ZnO nanorods. A Gaussian electromagnetic wave is incident on a dense array of very thin wires or rods.

    The distance between the rods and, thus, the rod diameter is much smaller than the wavelength. Under these circumstances, the rod array does not function as a diffraction grating see the Plasmonic Wire Grating model. Instead, the rod array behaves as if it was a continuous metal sheet for light polarized along the rods.

    For light polarized perpendicular to the rods, the array is almost transparent to the electromagnetic wave. In the latter case, dipole coupling between the rods also results in electromagnetic excitation between the rods outside of the illuminated region.