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Blockbuster thought they could just keep doing things the way they had always done them. Will you catch the Affiliate Marketing 2. Featured Image by EpicStockMedia. Please Rate this Article It lets me know what kind of articles to write more of. View Larger Image. Please rate this article - it helps me know what to write!

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Design and content matters more than you may think

Don't Ever Miss a New Post! Subscribe for free! But there is another advantage to full fledged websites compared to sales letter sites. The number of pages. This is an extremely important factor when it comes to search engine optimization as you will learn later on. Quite a lot of them actually. Can you imagine a sales page website on the first page of Digg? Or discussed on forums and blogs? Or even successfully marketed via a press release? I have a hard time imagining that. The array of methods available is simply miles ahead for your good old, trusty website.

It is also terribly ineffective. Suppose that you are selling wrenches. Now take the two following approaches:. This is the wrench that will change your life!!! You will never need another wrench again, ever. Such a great wrench! Buy it now!

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And the second approach: The wrench is made of titanium-steel alloy and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The wrench comes at a reasonable price tag of 5 dollars. Click here to order. The price does not include shipping. Now I strongly wish that the first example were a joke. About half of the sales letters on the web are made this way. Yet it is painfully obvious that the second approach will sell better. Further still, if you take the time to review the product thoroughly and write honestly about it, you will make sales.

That however will only happen if you choose a quality product which comes at a fair price. This is all that there is to it. Honesty and straightforward talk work better than hype.

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These instances will be marked as such and the dangers associated with them clearly presented. Just to give you a complete rundown I will not skip any of them. In the end you will probably stick to the last one presented, but it is important to know the alternatives:. Acknowledge that the link presented is of the affiliate type.

In some cases, this can work wonders and in other you can experience a backlash.

4. Types Of Affiliate Programs & Commission Structures (Affiliate Marketing Crash Course).

The thumb rule is: if your visitors are familiar with what affiliate marketing is and are actually OK with it, this is the method to pursue 2 Use anchor text distraction. The least effective of the methods described here, but very easy to implement and relatively benign. The basic psychological mechanism behind it, is that people will not check the actual link if the anchor text seems trustworthy enough.

Most people will never check the link itself, if they think that the anchor text is actually the link. How does it work?

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Well through the usage of a JavaScript snippet, you can control what is displayed in the address bar where you would normally see the link, when the user hovers with the mouse on the link. The most effective of the methods presented it is also the most laborious one.

The basic idea is to create an intermediate page, which when reached will automatically guide the reader to the affiliate page. Presented below is the methodology for plain HTML. Because the link to the intermediary page is completely visible no use for black hat SEO and the link will point to a page on an owned website which will then forward to an external website the opposite of how phishing schemes work. On the long run this technique will also pay up as it makes the multiple link management process much easier.

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You could have for example 10 such intermediary pages and edit them according to the offers you are presenting, modifying them accordingly as you change the promoted products. This is something that you will have to live with and is in fact an integral part of being successful in the affiliate world. You will avoid getting your affiliate commissions stolen, it will keep the array of products that yopu promote at a reasonable level, it will make the outgoing links look more tidy and you will get a better conversion rate.

The land is dirt cheap, but there are no customers in sight.

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This is true for any start up website, not just affiliate ones. This means that your quest for traffic should never end. You should also employ a diverse array of traffic gathering techniques. That diversification mantra again. The more diverse, the better. Fortunately, you are reading the right book and by the end of it, you will know what you have to do. The pains of being an affiliate manager Once you start considering promoting your products with the help of an affiliate program, a choice emerges:.

A You can choose to develop your own in-house affiliate program from ground up. Both approaches are valid and each of them has its unique advantages and disadvantages, so obviously each of them will get a complete rundown. It requires a great deal of effort and promotion, but it also has some important perks along the way. The first hurdle you will encounter is the affiliate platform development. Here you have 4 possible alternatives:. Probably the most effective route, this requires however some serious software development skills and a great deal of time.

The costly way to handle this job, this involves hiring a programmer to take care of the problem for you. Now of course this approach has its own downsides and risks. Free affiliate scripts can be found pretty easy on the web. The problem usually is however, that they are not of the highest quality you could think of. Further still these packages will almost always require some degree of customization, which brings us back to the first 2 points.

They literally have hundreds of free PHP affiliate scripts available there, so you can easily make your choice. Probably the most expensive option, it is also the most reliable as these packages also include support and installation, which will probably come very handy later on. The simplest approach of the two, this means that you pay a commission for every sale or lead that your affiliates will generate.

Your affiliates will ONLY be promoting and selling your product. A more complex model, this structure separates your affiliates in 2 categories: those who actually sell and those who attract other affiliates. The first tier those who attract affiliates get a percentage of what the affiliates signed under them sell, while the second tier are those doing the grunt work and selling. Each of the approaches presented above is equally valid. STEP 3: Choosing the structure of the commission The second part of the commission structure is well, the percentage you are willing to give.

There are no strict rules here: a higher percentage means that you will have more affiliates, while a smaller one brings more profit per sale, or at least this iswhat conventional wisdom tells you. Going beyond the conventional wisdom though, you can offer extremely high percentages.

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A single word. What does upselling mean? STEP 4: Attracting affiliates By now you should have a fully functioning affiliate program, albeit not a very successful one. The hardest and most interesting part is merely starting. How do you convince online entrepreneurs to sell your product? Choice 1: Hiring an affiliate manager The simplest answer you can get to this question is: Hire an affiliate manager! They are worth every buck they get though. This is because they have the know-how and they also have the contacts to get your affiliate program producing profit in a much shorter period than you could possibly achieve on your own.

The best place to hire affiliate managers is through the forums dedicated to the affiliate world or through sites specialized in intermediating freelance work please refer to the outsourcing section for more details. As a rule of thumb you should always ask for proof of their previous performance and also clearly establish their goals and responsibilities. The money to be earned is endless, but it varies for everyone.