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Historical Fiction Books. The curtain rises on the Great Bengal Circus of Priyanath Bose In , the Kolkata-based publishing house, Karigar, had brought out a new edition of the travelogues of one of the most vivacious figures of the Bengal Renaissance, Priyanath Bose , who, by founding the Great Bengal Circus in , established that Indians can well take on Europeans in gymnastics, vaudeville and animals acts.

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The Chinese Zodiac

Related Articles. Recommended for you. In Chinese astrology there are five elements or traits. While all Tigers possess similarities in personality, the elements further define them, meaning a Metal Tiger may have a slightly different approach to life than a Water Tiger or a Wood Tiger.

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Metal Tigers are assertive and competitive; Water Tigers are intuitive and sensitive; Wood Tigers are giving and compassionate; Fire Tigers always look on the bright side and also make great leaders; and Earth Tigers are pensive, focused and diplomatic in their thinking, studying every angle before deciding to pounce. Some of the traits they have in common include personal magnetism and a seductive nature. All Tigers desire a relationship that affords them freedom of thought and action, while also giving them a sense of security.

No Tiger is ever happy when being told what to do and when to do it. Along with animal signs and their elements, there are also trines, sets of three animal signs that show promise of being potential soulmates.

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For the Tiger, the Horse and the Dog are her best bets for mutually fulfilling partnerships in friendships, romance and even business. Read on to see how the Tiger Woman matches up in general to the other animals of the Chinese zodiac:. Both vying to be the center of attention makes this pair almost too alike for their liking. The relaxed and reliable Ox is not the best match for the aggressive, adventurous Tiger. Both magnetic personalities, two Tigers will be automatically drawn to one another. Battles will ensue though as both Tigers fight to be the one in charge, and neither will want to lose.

Neither wants to argue, but a catfight is probably inevitable.

‘Tiger Woman’ by Sirsho Bandopadhyay, trs Arunava Sinha: In a Barnum and Bailey world

Read more about love with a Tiger man. This pair definitely has the stamina to keep up with one another. The Dragon finds the Tiger to be a challenge but will have to learn to let go if he wants to get closer. Along with the Dog, these three make up a trine, which gives them an instant rapport. There is soulmate connectivity between the Horse and Tiger.

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Neither feels the need to battle for top position. Altogether a smooth sailing and fun-loving relationship. Independent Tigress is not afraid of turning and running from a relationship she views as clingy, and though that will never be the problem with her and Monkey Man, they spend so much time independent of each other, they may never really bond beyond the bedroom. Run, Tigress, run. Again, this pair is part of the elemental trine that soulmates are made of. Though the Tigress thrives on her independence, she also desires trust and security in love. The Dog gives this to her and the Tigress reciprocates by making the Dog feel safe and wanted, making them both very happy.

Still, love could win out with a little flexibility on both sides. What does the Chinese zodiac tell about your future? Have a gifted psychic help you find the road to your dating destiny.

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